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 Panopea generosa
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Pisaster ochraceus
Volutharpa ampullacea

Lepidozona mertensii

Doris montereyensis
&Sea Slugs

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Urticina piscivora

Pugettia gracilis Semibalanus cariosus

Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis Cucumeria piperata Dendraster excentricus
Echinoderms - Urchins,
Cucumbers & Sand dollars

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Pisaster brevispinus
 Sea Stars

Flabellinopsis iodinea
El Niņo Event
Range Shifts

Schizobranchia insignis

Thank you to all members who provided photos or specimens to be photographed for these pages.
Additional photos are continually being added.  Please note that while the photos of some dead shells are listed for locations where collecting is no longer permitted, these shells are from old collections and were obtained long before collecting restrictions were in place.  No specimen was collected in violation of any legal restriction.

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Disporella separata Pseudosuberites montiniger
Other Marine Life